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Dr George Halasz is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Monash University, located at the Department of Psychological Medicine at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, and in private psychiatry practice. More »

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  • 14 August, 2012

    New articles added:
    • Art: Back of House/Under the House: Some Psychoanalytic Aspects of the Acquisition and Exhibition of Art by Survivors of the Holocaust by Eugen Koh and George Halasz, Feb 2011
    • Psychiatry: Comment: To collude or not to collude with crimes against humanity – the question of Adam Czerniakow's suicide (Australasian Psychiatry, Dec 2011)
    • Holocaust: Memories of Silence – Trauma Transmission in Holocaust Survivor Families and the Exiled Self, 2001; Can Trauma be Transmitted Across the Generations? (from The Legacy of the Holocaust: Children of and the Holocaust, 2002); Psychological Witnessing of My Mother's Holocaust Testimony (from The Power of Witnessing – Reflections, Reverberations, and Traces of the Holocaust, 2012)
Dr George Halasz

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